December 15th, 2007

Free Affiliate Website Content: What Broke Non-Writers Can Do About Generating Articles

Content is very important for any website and yet most affiliates with limited finances need plenty of it, naturally the answer is to find a way to get it free. One of the ways that content can be free is if you generate it yourself. So what happens when the webmaster or affiliate cannot write anything more complex that a shopping list? How can they get their affiliate website content for free?

Actually every problem has a solution and this one is no exception. There is a way that virtually anybody can generate useful articles and content for their websites.

The way to do this is by putting together list articles. List articles as the name suggests are articles that are created out of a lists. For example if you want to do an article on the advantages and disadvantages of writing your own free affiliate website content, you simply start of with a list. First you write down the heading or title of the article and then you move on o the sub-heading. For instance you can start off with; disadvantages of writing your own website content. After the subheading you can list the various disadvantages like the fact that it is very time consuming and that most webmasters tend to postpone the writing chores for so long that their sites suffer from not having new fresh content for a long time.

After you are through with the disadvantages, just create the next sub heading which will be; advantages of writing your own website content. You will then be able to list the various advantages like the fact that it is free meaning that you can create a lot more content for your website than somebody who has to pay for it.

When you are done, you will have what is called a simple list article. However it can be developed a little further by briefly explaining each point and ensuring that you have inserted the keyword phrases required.

This way any broke non-writer can still be able to churn out plenty of their own articles and website content. It is important for you to realize that even professionals construct their articles in this way because it is ideal for the web where many readers tend to skim through rather than read content on most of the websites they visit. When the article has listed clear points it becomes very easy to absorb the details very quickly. And that is exactly how even a non-writer affiliate can succeed in generating free online website content.


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