December 15th, 2007

Little Known Ways To Generate Extra Traffic For Your Affiliate Website

Many webmasters don’t seem to realize it, but there are a number of ways in which you can generate extra traffic for virtually any affiliate program, even if your current website traffic is very low.

This is vital for any affiliate to be able to start earning some income even as they work on building their own website traffic.

Traffic Exchange Programs Can Boost Your Affiliate Website Traffic

For affiliates who are just starting out, a useful idea is to join a traffic exchange program. As the name suggests a traffic exchange program gives you traffic in exchange for you visiting other sites in the program. Obviously this is not quality traffic, but you never know whose eye will be caught by your affiliate program and what it has to offer. Besides you will get to learn a lot about other websites out there and what they have to offer.

So instead of sitting there very miserable at the fact that your affiliate website has zero traffic, you can do something about kick starting traffic to your site.

Join Opt-In Email Lists To Generate Targeted Traffic To Your Affiliate Website

There is a way that you can get much more targeted traffic to your affiliate website, but again it will involve some work. You will also require a brand new email address as it is not advisable to use your usual one because of the high volumes of email you will receive when you start working this program. This is perfectly legal email and has nothing to do with illegal spamming. The idea is to join opt-in email list groups in sites like Some of these groups will allow you to send out email messages to other members in the group. Say you join 100 such groups with average membership of just 10,000 each, you will be able to send out an email message promoting your affiliate website to a total of 1,000,000 people which should surely get you some useful traffic. Although many will hardly take a second look at your email, the sheer large numbers almost guarantees that some will, enough to give you a reasonable response.

The way to keep your traffic as targeted as possible is to join groups that are as closely related to the industry and subject matter covered by your affiliate website.

Yahoogroups is not the only site that offers opt-in email lists. There are actually quite a number of other sites.

Articles in High Traffic Article Directories Can Get Your Affiliate Website Plenty Of Traffic

Yet another idea to help you generate extra traffic for your affiliate program from outside your website is to post useful articles at high traffic article directories and then place a link pointing directly to your affiliate site. Naturally the more articles you write and post, the higher the amount of traffic you will attract to your affiliate website. This is the highest quality targeted website traffic you will be able to attract.


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