December 15th, 2007

Making Maximum Profits From A Low Traffic Website

It is no secret that there are many small businesses out there today that have taken on much larger companies and beaten them to submission. It is amazing how this would have been totally impossible just a few years back but has today become just too common place.

There are a number of things that have taken place in the small home business sector in recent years that have made this amazing feat possible. The two that stand out most is the Personal Computer PC and the World Wide Web. These two factors have combined to completely change the face of business and more so the small home business.

The Personal Computer revolutionized the small business so that entrepreneurs no longer required a sizeable staff and high costs to get a simple business off the ground. For instance simple to use computer accounting software like Quickbooks made it very possible for the first for a home based entrepreneur to run a fairly complex business without a large staff and still stay up to date with their accounting.

Not only that, various tasks that were previously undertaken by costly machinery were now easily accomplished using a PC. Just to give one simple example, previously pre-press work for printing like typesetting would require a very large machine to set the type. With software like Pagemaker and Coreldraw, the home PC was able to comfortably undertake this task and produce high quality work that was in many respects better than what the large machines were producing at a much higher cost.

This was quickly followed by the World Wide Web which served to dramatically cut costs lower. For the first time a small home business run by a single entrepreneur could compete with any Fortune 500 company in terms of communication capabilities and at a small fraction of what the cost used to be.

The result of all this is that today a very small home business can deliver better service quicker and cheaper that a large Fortune 500 business. Indeed we are now beginning to see trends where small home businesses run by the owner and without a single employee are making millions of dollars a year. What this means is that they are starting to compete with the huge companies in terms of revenue and yet are being run by the owners with very little outside help. The example we can give here is a dating site that recently announced earnings of close to a million dollars over a two month period. And the sum total of this came from a single affiliate program—namely the Google Adsense program.


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