December 15th, 2007

What do Poker Affiliates blog about?

Often I hear people complaining that outside of poker strategy itself, there is not much they can write or blog about in the poker world. While poker strategy is definitely a solid base to write about on any poker site, there are many different aspects of poker life that you can blog about as a poker affiliate.

The first is high stakes games, whether they be online, live game recaps, or poker television shows. One idea is to document high stakes online poker games and famous online player’s swings. Everyone loves a good train wreck or unbelievable pot. There is a tremendous following of poker fans and if you are good, you could also land high stakes players reading up on themselves and their competition. Another way you can utilize this to your advantage is analyzing hands from high stakes poker games using youtube videos to compliment your posts.

You can blog about poker books and magazines. Review popular poker books and critically analyze them. This will get targeted visitors to your site who are obviously learners of the game, and that type of visitor is often a repeat visitor.

Some other poker related things to blog about:

  • Poker babes, what poker playing guy doesn’t like a poker babe?
  • Up and coming poker stars
  • Poker tournaments like the WSOP and WPT
  • Vegas casinos + poker rooms, hotels, lifestyle – you are likely to hit a large part of your demographic here.
  • .
  • See above, and rinse and repeat for Monte Carlo, Atlantic City, Macau, etc.
  • Funny poker stories (check out Always Bluff for multiple examples of these.)
  • Poker industry news

I would also like to speak about link bait in the poker industry. “Link bait doesn’t work on poker sites” is a common misconception among poker webmasters. In particular, will not blatantly digg up a poker related story very often, so you need to branch off a little bit. You can forget about submitting a room review or other generic stuff because it’s just not interesting enough. Some interesting poker related pieces off the top of my head that would be particularly appealing to a audience include :

You can check out another post I have on this blog about my favorite social bookmarking sites to launch viral blog posts on.

You should realize that blogging a simple poker strategy article is less likely to get linked to then blog post about a top 10 list, something viral, a tool, etc. What I suggest is that you use your blog to launch link bait campaigns to garner links while providing strong inner linking to your actual poker strategy articles, bonus code pages, room reviews, or any other high converting page in order to boost natural rankings.


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