December 15th, 2007

Adsense Affiliate Program Tips

There is really no doubt that the Adsense affiliate program from Google is by far the most popular on the web today and this is one of the reasons why any available tips to help improve the performance of this program are usually wildly popular with virtually every webmaster.

Everybody who runs this innovative program on their sites is constantly looking for ways and means to increase their earnings. More so when recent revelations have shown that there are some site owners taking home close to a cool million dollars every two months from their Adsense earnings.

The fastest way to increase your Adsense affiliate earnings is to seek tips on high paying Adsense keywords. While the vast majority of Adsense clicks pay a pittance in just a few cents, there are certain keywords and keyword phrases that pay $10 or even much more than that. Now let us assume that your site gets an average of 1000 clicks a month and the average per click is about 10cents. That would give you a monthly affiliate income of $100 from Adsense. Now let us assume that you are able to get useful information and tips on the highest paying Adsense keywords, that is keywords that tend to attract high paying ads that when clicked on will give you an average of about $7 per click. That would enable you to earn a whooping $7,000 from the same number of clicks that gave you $100. One very reliable place where you can get the very latest high paying Adsense keywords is in a Google Adwords account. At one time or another you will need to place some pay per click (ppc) ads through Adwords so it is a good idea to open an account as soon as you can.

Another way to increase your Adsense monthly affiliate earnings is by working on increasing the volume of traffic that flocks into your site. Naturally the higher the traffic the more money you will make from Adsense because you will end up with more clicks. Actually there are a number of sites that have opted for this option because selecting high paying Adsense keywords has its’ limitations. For instance high paying ads being displayed in Adsense affiliate sites are limited as most clients paying more per click usually prefer their ads to be displayed next to search engine results only. This is because search engines produce much more targeted responses than the same pay per click (PPC) ads on participating sites. There are various ways to increase traffic significantly to your Adsense affiliate site so as to tip the scales in your favor.

Taking the trouble to stay updated with as many Adsense affiliate tips as you can pick up can help you increase your monthly Adsense earnings significantly.


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