December 15th, 2007

Affiliate Program Marketing: Why Banner Ads Are For Image, Not Sales

Many affiliate programs include very colorful and well designed banner advertisements in their marketing arsenal to be used for promotional activities by those who join the program. Many enthusiastic affiliates who join these programs try out these banner ads with very high expectations only to be greatly disappointed.

Actually banner ads are not a bad idea and can in fact be highly effective if you know how to use them properly and mostly to combine them with other types of ads to get the best results.

Can Banner Ads Sell As Marketing Tools For Affiliate Programs?

The big question that we need to answer first is if banner ads are capable of selling. The answer to that question is that although they can, they are not really good at that task and one will need to receive millions of page views before their banner ads can receive a reasonably amount of clicks to make a sizeable amount of affiliate sales. It is important to understand the fact that people hate to be advertised to on the web and will go to great lengths to avoid advertisements. The problem with a colorful banner is the fact that it has the word “advertisement” written all over it.

On the other hand seemingly ugly, tiny text ads in one or two colors tend to achieve many more clicks and ultimately a lot more affiliate sales. This clearly tells you that text links are much more effective in selling and marketing an affiliate program.

The Correct Way To Use Banner Ads In The Marketing Of Your Affiliate Program

The effective way to use banner ads is to use them to enhance the image of the affiliate product that your are marketing on the web, you can then go ahead and place your text links within the text on your site. The banner ads will help create a lot of awareness so that people know of your existence you should however not expect much from them in terms of clicks which you will then need to rely on the text ads for.

Actually you will be able to accomplish a lot more with this effective combination of banner ads and text ads in your affiliate program marketing. Do not accept to fall into the trap that many ignorant online entrepreneurs usually fall into of totally relying on banner ads for all their affiliate program marketing sales because chances are high that you will end up extremely disappointed.


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