December 15th, 2007

Get Ideas To Promote Your Affiliate Product Sales From Blogs

Most affiliates hate selling and this is clearly portrayed in the very poor product sales we quite often see for most affiliate products. Little do they know that selling can be a lot of fun as long as you have the right technique and approach to doing it right.

For example rather than just hoping that somebody will come across your affiliate product and somehow want to purchase it, why not aggressively position your product to solve problems? In fact anybody who can master this simple but effective technique of positioning their product to solve problems will always have more affiliate product sales than they can handle.

One way to go about this is to find a place on the web where a problem that your affiliate product can solve is being discussed. For example if you have a weight loss product, you could go to a weight loss blog and join a discussion. Say the discussion taking place in the comments section of a post has something to do with a new weight loss technique that is being discussed. You should not dive in and advertise your product upfront. Rather you should patiently make a number of useful contributions to the discussion. Remember that whatever blog software you are using, people can still click their way back to your site, if they really get interested in what you are saying, so avoid every temptation to spam the blog with links pointing back to your affiliate program.

The other thing that you should do is that in the course of your leaving comments you will have developed some very useful thoughts that should help you turn some of your comments into fully fledged articles. If you make the small effort required to get your articles out, you will find that what you generate will be high quality and very useful articles.

Later on in your comments you can refer to these articles that you have done without providing a link back to them. Another technique is to make one post referring to your article and then provide the link in a separate post right next to it. That way if the post with your link gets deleted by the blog administrator, your other post will still remain intact. It is very important that you only do this after you have already became a regular contributor to the high traffic blog that you are targeting.

Finally you can also start referring to specific case studies involving the affiliate product on sale at your site. Using this simple technique you will find that within no time you will be generating the kind of high affiliate product sales that will be the envy of everybody.


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