December 15th, 2007

Why Do Most Affiliates Never Earn $1

That’s right – they can earn a lot of money; that is to say, the affiliates who understand the value of marketing. You can have the best affiliate program network in place but what’s the point if nobody knows you’re out there?

Affiliate programs are a partnership. You need each other to build a profitable business.

Marketing and promotions are keys to success in all business (the other important key is financial management) and maybe more so in internet enterprises. Building a site and then hoping someone will happen across it just doesn’t make good business sense. Even is someone does “happen” across your site, they may not be at all interested in internet gambling.

Getting Started

You’ve got your affiliate program in place. The gaming sites have provided you with some marketing materials. Now you need to get known and differentiate yourself from all the others out there.

First think about your target audience. Put yourself in their shoes and research other sites. What do you want your customers to see when they visit your site? What would make you want to click through to play on a particular online gaming site?

Keep in mind that your target customer may not be just like you. You might want to research some demographic stats. For instance, the general impression is that the bulk of players are between 19 and 34 and male but that may be an outdated stat.

Think about the type of players you want. Maybe you want to focus on high rollers or maybe you just want to capture everyone you can and have a large base of players.

If you have an existing site, it is important to analyze your customer base to see if it is a good fit with the added client base you want to add as players.

Promote, Promote, Promote

Ok, now you know who your ideal visitor is. How is he or she going to know you’re even out there?

You need to create awareness by promoting your site in unique ways, building credibility, a buzz, and excitement. Examples could be:

  • Emails blitzes (try to source a good, current, email list
  • Direct mail
  • Word of mouth
  • Incentives
  • Website optimization
  • Promo items like hats, tee shirts
  • Sponsorships

Be creative and don’t forget to measure the level of success of each of your marketing tactics. It’s work but it’s worth it. Don’t waste time and money on a tactic that just doesn’t give you the return.

And don’t forget to use ideas you see on other sites. Why try to reinvent the wheel?

And to debunk Conspiracy Theory 101: You only need to capture one player who plays for real money and you’ll be making some $$$!

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