December 15th, 2007

Writing An eBook To Help Promote Your Affiliate Product

The viral marketing potential of an Ebook can help you to promote your affiliate product to a captive audience that is larger than anything you ever anticipated in your wildest dreams.

And yet it is fairly simple to write and promote an excellent Ebook online to a huge audience. Here is a very simple but effective way of doing it all.

Write Your Affiliate eBook To Promote A Product In A Brand New Blog

The amazing thing is that you can start promoting your proposed eBook even as you write it. The blog is the perfect medium to do this because through comments from the people who read your regular posts you will be able to start gauging reader response. It would be useful if you estimated how many posts you would require to complete the entire eBook. Once you have known the answer to that question, it will be very simple for you to make your regular posts while having a pretty good idea of when your eBook will be ready.

An additional idea to help you promote your eBook in progress will be to release a special report or Mini-Ebook based on the first 10 posts or so, and the offer it free via email to your readers. This way you will already be building a client base to sell your main eBook to when it is finally published.

The awesome power of viral marketing can begin working for you here. What you need to do is to allow those who get your initial special report or mini-Ebook to pass it on or even sell it as long as they retain the format exactly at it is with the links you will have placed in it leading back to articles and pages on your blog and also referring folks to your affiliate product.

Make Your eBook Available In eBook Directories

Once you have released your main eBook, make sure that you list it at major Ebook directories where it will get excellent exposure and allow you to reach a much larger audience of targeted prospects.

You should also continue making posts at your blog promoting your eBook and inviting your visitors to get it via email. In your new posts you should try and highloight current problems that can easily be solved by those who read your Ebook. You should also make every effort to carry testimonials from those have read and benefited from reading your eBook.

A well written eBook is a very powerful marketing tool that will help anybody to promote their affiliate product in a very effective manner.

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