December 15th, 2007

How To Use The Power Of Free in an Affiliate Program Marketing

It is impossible for anybody to understand online marketing let alone how to apply it to thir affiliate program, if they do not grasp and appreciate the power of free things on the web.

Actually the online business model of offering free services is more powerful than most people realize. Let’s take the example of Google, one of the most profitable corporations in the world which did not even exist 10 years ago. Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin developed an amazingly powerful and efficient search engine and then proceeded to provide to the world for free. It was not until the search engine was receiving tens of millions of visitors before they started trying o figure out a way to monetize their innovative creation. This is very different from the conventional wisdom that has ruled offline businesses for many years, which is that you don’t dare roll out a service until you have carefully worked out how it is going to raise revenue for you.

One of the huge advantages of offering something for free is the fact that it enables you to build a huge audience and once this is achieved, earning revenue is not too difficult.

This powerful principle of offering free services and products can be used to tremendously boost the marketing of any affiliate program. For example free software can be offered to your target market in return for their email addresses so that you quickly build a database of prospects for your affiliate program and affiliate products that you can market to again and again through regular interesting email messages. And it is not too difficult to get this free software to offer to your prospects. There’s a lot of it available online and to find it you just need to use some keywords at your favorite search engine.

After software the next desirable thing that prospects will yearn for are well written e-Books packed with hot tips and valuable information. Again these can be offered for free and in exchange of the prospects’ email address. The amazing thing about e-Books is the fact that they usually tend to go viral meaning that they get passed on a lot so that from a minimal initial distribution they end up being seen by a huge audience of your potential prospects for your affiliate program and this is very powerful and effective marketing.

Using these few examples, you can continue to explore ways and means of bringing a tremendous impact into your affiliate program marketing using the power of the free offer.


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