December 15th, 2007

How To Use Content To Generate High Traffic To Your Affiliate Website

There is no doubt that content and especially search engine optimized articles are one of the most powerful tools available online for generating traffic to any affiliate website. The trick is here is knowing exactly what to do with your articles and also understanding precisely what kind of article is required.

The first thing that you need to know is that any content you churn out should be as useful as possible. The ideal situation is to generate content and articles that are valuable and extremely useful to your target market. Since in most cases affiliate sites will not take content, the thing to do here would be to launch an interesting blog and then re-direct the targeted traffic that you end up receiving at your blog, directly to your affiliate website.

But before you even write the articles, you will need to do some keyword phrase research work. The objective of this will be to find the right keyword phrases to use in your article. This is of absolute importance because without the right keywords, your articles will end up generating absolutely no traffic. The serious question you need to ask yourself is; should you go for a very popular keyword where your chances of getting any traffic are slim, or it better to gun for very low traffic non-competitive keywords where you have a good chance of ranking well even if it means getting just 50 hits a month? In other words what is preferable, 0 hits or 50 hits?

There is also another high traffic calculation that many who own affiliate websites are not aware of. Let us assume that you use a total of just 500 different keyword phrases and each one gives you an average of 50 hits, the total number of hits will be 25,000. If the average hits are 200, then the total hits will be 100,000.

Remember that an affiliate website can easily attract high traffic from search engines based on both main keywords and secondary keywords. You will already know that a single SEO article can feature several secondary keyword phrases.

Unlike advertisement that you will pay for like the highly effective PPC (pay-per-click) ads, traffic that is generated from articles is free and could last forever without you having to dig into your pockets or do any kind of maintenance work. Once the article has been posted and indexed by leading search engines it will forever work hard for you and your top affiliate website in generating traffic.



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