December 11th, 2009

Internet Poker Big on Wall Street

December 10, 2009 (PAP Newswire) -- As the United States gets closer and closer to (finally) fully legalizing and regulating online poker — recent events are promising, with the UIGEA's delay and Barney Frank’s Internet poker legalization bill finally getting a hearing — the U.S. mainstream media are paying more and more attention to the sport.

“Online poker is extremely popular among Wall Street types,” states ABC News in a recent article. That’s probably no big surprise, since day traders play a game similar to high-stakes poker: Betting on futures and financial performance based on insight and understanding unseen elements in the situation at hand.

Still, it’s encouraging to see that Wall Street, which has so much political influence, is embracing online poker.

The ABC News article profiles a trader named Burt Boutin who plays the stock market by day and poker by night. In fact, he’s won more than $2 million in WSOP tournaments and has turned up fairly regularly on ESPN.

“In recent years, the financial industry and high-stakes professional poker realms have been increasingly intersecting, with a number of Wall Street figures crossing over into the World Series of Poker scene,” the article continues. “Online poker's popularity, meanwhile, has exploded into a $10 billion-plus industry despite government measures to curb Internet gambling.”

Click here to read the full story at ABC News.
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