February 4th, 2008

Negotiating with your affiliate managers and other webmasters

If you have signed up with an affiliate program and sent them some players chances are you have a name and email address for your dedicated affiliate manager. These people are usually eager to contact you first to try and get more traffic from you. This is due to the fact that they are good businessmen and women and want to boost their commission. However it is also due to the fact that only about 10% (or less) of affiliates who register for a program ever delivers one real money player. When you start to send converting players your stock will rise at the poker program you are promoting and it might be time to leverage upon these numbers for an increase in commission.

Now when you first consider asking your AM for a raise remember it’s like asking your boss for an increase in salary. Don’t take this step lightly and do some debating on your own to see if you would even qualify for the promotion. Most affiliate programs have a sliding scale already in writing that tells you what the levels are for increases in commission. Check for these numbers ahead of time since it may answer the questions you were about to ask. One thing to remember is that conferences are a great place to negotiate deals since it is rare to ever get any face time with your AM.

A trick I have learned is if you have a legitimate flow of players coming through your site and would like to see a jump in commission ask another program for a better starting rate in return for a shift in where you send your traffic. Only do this if you can justify cutting off the current success you are seeing at the program that is performing well for you.

Remember above all to be honest and ambitious in your approach. Tell your AM that you can see the conversions going way up if you are granted an exclusive promotion. Also never ask for freerolls before delivering a real money player, it’s simply not good business from you or them. Possibly after a while you can get a free seat to an online tournament for your players if you produce throughout the year. This can be wonderful press for your site and blog.

When talking with other webmasters expect them to be a little hesitant when helping you earn more money. It’s a business so don’t take the hesitation personally. You have to usually offer them something very good in return for anything except link backs, and even then they could be picky! One idea is trading banner space on a page that exclusive for their keywords and content. This way you are not loosing traction on your quest to rank supreme and they aren’t either. When working with other webmasters it has to be a win/win situation.

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