September 15th, 2009

Sammy "Any Two" George wins 2009 PokerHeaven European Cash Game

September 15, 2009 (PAP PR Wire) -- Despite being billed ‘a fish’ by other players, it was Sammy George who won series 2 of the European Cash Game after joining the table late in the day. He managed to outplay some of the most respected players in the game, and reverse the pain of his early exit and heavy losses in last year’s event.

The game saw some of Europe's best and emerging talent compete with a minimum chip stack of €10,000. Early on it was former champion Eric Liu and Andy Black whose battles dominated the table, but it was Sammy George who triumphed in the end.

10 countries were represented, and 11 players joined the table over the course of 12 hours at the Hospital Studios in Central London: Ricardo Sousa, Bruno Fitoussi, Andy Black, Leo Margets, Eric Liu, Francois Balmigere, Andrew Feldman, Sammy George, Simon Munz, Andreas Hoivold, and Jens Kyllonen. For the 8 players at the table at the end of the night, the final standings were:

Sammy George €44,075 (€+24,075)
Sion Munz €22,550 (€+12,550)
Andy Black €21,275 (€+11,275)
Jens Kyllonen €20,725 (€+10,725)
Francois Balmigere €11,275 (€-3,775)
Andrew Feldman €23,100 (€-6,900)
Eric Liu €22,575 (€-17,425)
Ricardo Sousa €6,950 (€-23,050)

Leo Margets left the table earlier in the evening, in profit, garnering praise for some well-timed play, while Bruno Fitoussi and Andreas Hoivold posted losses.

7 x 1 hour TV episodes will premiere exclusively on The Poker Channel every Friday at 2200 CET from 9 October, to over 17m TV homes in 20 countries. Full broadcast details, player interviews and TV previews are available at

Each episode will also be available in full on a day after the TV broadcast.

The Pokerheaven European Cash Game Series 1 line-up included WSOP 2008 winner, Peter Eastgate, Andy Black, Neil Channing and Cardrunners instructor, Eric Liu, the eventual winner of the event. Series 1 has been broadcast in over 40 countries, in multiple languages, and reached over 100m TV homes in Europe. The Producer of series 1 and series 2 is Emblaze Productions, whose credits include The Million Dollar Cash Game and The Million Pound Challenge.

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