October 15th, 2009

UltimateBet Bad Beat Jackpot Continues to Grow

October 14, 2009 (PAP Newswire) -- When the UltimateBet Bat Beat jackpot reached the $50,000 mark a few weeks ago, the news was received with excitement by online poker players everywhere.

Surprisingly, since then, it's only grown larger -- the amount has soared up past the $320,000 mark, and it’s still climbing.

“Should a player have horrific luck, losing their four of a kind of 8's or better on a showdown, they will be entitled to the largest chunk of this jackpot,” explains Glen at USAPlayers.com. “As of now, over $150,000 dollars will go to the lucky loser on that hand, presumably making up for what could be a life time of poker losses.”

Online poker affiliates can count this among the many enticements to offer players itching for a big poker score. “Hesitate not, however,” Glen continues, “as this jackpot could go back to nothing with the blink of an eye.”

Check out Glen’s original article here. And get details about UltimateBet’s online poker affiliate program here.
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