February 26th, 2009

Bet365 Launches New VIP Program

February 26, 2009 -- Poker at bet365 keeps innovating! The company has announced the launch of a new VIP program, specially designed to reward player commitment and loyalty -- and maximizng your long-term commissions in the process.

Key benefits:

All ambiguity now removed:
- Single merit point earning band
- Fewer and better VIP levels
- Transparent and simple-to-understand rewards

Much better rewards:
- Cash and token rewards based on total Merit Points only
- Up to $150,000 cash reward!
- Superb VIP rewards when players are upgraded
- Luxury holidays to win and special VIP Account Manager service

- Players keep their old points – converted into the same value in the new system
- No need to do anything except play! We've made sure old points have provided players a head start in the new system
- Easier VIP levels – now Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum – something everybody can relate to.

As you will see, there are 3 stages indicated;

1) Play Your Game – explains how merit points are earned, where they can be viewed and at what rate they are paid. N.B. Merit points are earned at the same rate now for all VIP levels.

2) Earn Merit Points – Explains that higher VIPs get better rewards for their merit points (rather than earning them faster as before), also shows what benefits each VIP level (Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum) can earn each month and how many MP’s they needed to have earned the previous month to attain each level. The page also includes a brief description of our ‘Diamond Club’, for the very special chosen few.

3) Get Your Rewards – At present customers can convert MPs into either tourney tokens or cash (plans are in place to offer prizes, land based buy ins, etc). As you will see this is dependant on VIP level and the more they convert the better rate they get (encouraging them to hold on to their MP’s for longer). To claim their prize they click on the 'Claim Now' icon, they then complete a form and submit it, this generates an email to the Gaming mailbox. N.B. Each account can only claim one prize per month

The VIP program is specially created to reward player commitment and loyalty, which is good for us all! Players choose their rewards from the new REWARDS TABLE. The more points they cash in, the higher value they have per point and the better reward they get. Points are valid for 12 months from accumulation date so players can play at their own pace and choose their reward when they like.

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