Recently I was doing a diagram at the office of all the traffic generation methods known to be efficient. The keyword here is ‘efficient’ so we immediately ruled out the old-school methods and stuck to what web users in 2008 are into. Surprisingly to me, because I don’t have much experience in this area, email marketing is still in the Top 3 and doesn’t seem to be fading away quickly. Our in-house ad agency,, is one of the top email marketing firms online and I am constantly learning from their tested methods of acquiring leads and making sales. With that said, Blogging and SEO are still on top and rising beneath them are new trends such as social media and web 2.0 applications.

According to a recent poll on here are the Top 10 Online Marketing tactics being used today. To participate in the poll please check out the choices here:

  • Blogging (27%)
  • Email marketing (16%)
  • Search engine optimization (14%)
  • Pay per click (9%)
  • Social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn) (5%)
  • Blogger relations (4%)
  • Online public relations (3%)
  • Viral marketing (3%)
  • Free content (white papers) (3%)
  • Corporate web site (3%)