ClickHereThe goal for any poker affiliate should be to get their traffic clicking through the various links on their sites. Whether the clicks be to outgoing affiliate links, or simply other areas within your sites; increasing your click through rates can significantly help in your conversions and overall income.

While many of the proven online marketing methods require a considerable investment of time and energy, there are a few quick ways to increase click-through rates. The following conversion tips present some of the 25 best phrases and techniques online advertisers can use to draw in readers and generate more clicks.

1. “Search This Site”
A search function can be one of the single most important ways to increase conversion rates and improve the user experience. Search features allow users to quickly find exactly what they are looking for.

2. “Leave Your Comments”
User interactivity is rapidly becoming one of the best ways to communicate with visitors and generate more link clicks and learn more about potential customers.

3. Price Comparisons
Online marketing is highly competitive, so you need to offer the best deal possible to your users. If your prices beat those of other merchants, be sure to draw attention to the great buys offered by your website.

4. Press Clippings
If you’re getting great reviews, be sure to note these reviews somewhere on your website. While large businesses often rely on brand names to attract customers, you need to establish credibility and build trust with consumers.

5. “FREE!”
While appealing to thriftiness is often an overused marketing tactic, calling attention to free offers is still an extremely effective way of increasing click-through rates. Whether you’re promoting a contest or offering a free newsletter, this buzzword is a quick way to inspire readers to click a link.

6. New or Updated Content
Never let the front page of your website become stale. Preferably, your home page should feature content that is fresh or updated on a daily basis. Used headings such as “New” or “Updated” to inspire readers to click these links.

7. “Related Content”
Every page of your website should be interlinked to related content. Include a sub-heading that identifies related articles and include links to other content that might interest your readers.

8. Clear Navigation
The quality of your navigation menu can make or break your website. Clear navigation inspires users to click links and further explore the site, while poor navigation causes users to look elsewhere.

9. “Limited Time Only”
If a promotion or sale has a time limit, always let your readers know. Conversion rates increase dramatically if readers understand that the deal won’t last forever.

10. “Free Shipping”
Many online retailers consider free shipping one of the top conversion tips. If you are able to offer free shipping on some of all products, feature this bonus prominently on every page of your website.

11. Customer Testimonials
Let potential customers here what your regular customers have to say about your products and services. These references are a powerful tool for increasing conversion rates.

12. Contact Information
Providing contact information on every page of your website is another one of the most important conversion tips, because users want reassurance that your business is legitimate and accessible.

13. Privacy Guarantee
Display your privacy policy to assure readers that their personal information is safe and secure.

14. Security Features
Describe your online security features to protect your customers from identity theft and other malicious actions.

15. Online Shopping Carts
Placing a shopping cart link near every featured product is another great conversion tip to get users to add products to their online shopping cart.

16. Large, High Quality Product Images
Give your readers as much information about the product as possible. Thumbnail images can help conserve space, but give readers the option to enlarge each photo.

17. Easy to Read Product Descriptions
Bulleted lists, short paragraphs, and subheadings make Web pages easier and make links more prominent.

18. Personable Product Recommendations
Write product recommendations that are friendly and personable.

19. “Most Popular”
Most popular lists are among the most recommended conversion tips. Let your readers know what products are in demand.

20. Similar Product Recommendations
Provide links to similar products or recommended accessories on every product page.

21. Calls-to-Action
‘Sign up,’ ‘Add to Cart,’ ‘Register,’ and ‘Subscribe’ are just a few of the common calls-to-action used by online marketers. Asking your reader to act helps motivate clicks and increases conversion rates.

22. Social Bookmarking Links
Let your readers promote your site through social bookmarking sites such as, Furl and Digg.

23. Descriptive Link Titles
Never use generic link text like “Click Here” or “Read More.” Always tell your readers exactly what they will find when they click a link.

24. Reduce Clutter
Keep each page clutter-free in order to focus attention on important links.

25. Create Top 10 Lists
Your readers are constantly on the lookout for great tips and advice. Top 10 lists are a great way to prominently feature the best of the best and inspire readers to click on links.

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