One way to get poker niche ideas is to look at high-traffic sites in other niches, then see how you can apply their business model to the poker niche. Today I looked at Quantcast’s list of the most-trafficked sites on the Internet, and I realized that every one of these could become niche poker sites. Here’s how:

  1. Google - The obvious way to translate the Google business model to a poker niche site is to create a poker search engine. But Google’s business model isn’t limited to just providing web surfers with a way to search the Internet. The top menu bar on Google includes the following links: Images, Maps, News, Shopping, Gmail, and More. Someone recently posted that he was offering poker images for webmasters to use at PAP. Someone could easily buy or or and create a site which has maps with local poker rooms on it. The poker news niche is an obvious one, and it’s possibly saturated, but there’s probably still room to grow there And an enterprising poker site could definitely offer email to their users.
  2. Yahoo – Most people probably think of Yahoo as just another search engine like Google, but there’s a niche here that hasn’t been fully exploited. Yahoo’s original purpose was to be a website directory. And their directory is still live on the site, and it’s still important. But a real poker directory, which lists poker sites in a categorized manner, and lists sites based on merit, could be an extraordinarily profitable niche if executed correctly.
  3. WikipedaThis one’s pretty obvious, and I think a couple of people have tapped into it. There is absolutely no reason you couldn’t launch your own poker wiki. Or a Texas holdem wiki. Or an Omaha wiki. User-generated content rules, and Wikipedia gets tons of traffic for a reason.
  4. YouTube -Â It’s almost unfair to list this one here, since it’s owned by Google. But creating and/or hosting poker videos is an obvious niche with little competition. It’s a little more work than writing blog posts, but if it’s your cup of tea, it could make you rich.
  5. MySpace – Some forums offer some aspects of social networking, but there is no clear leader in the poker social media space. Launching a site where poker players enjoy networking with each other has obvious huge profit potential.

I didn’t see it listed in the top ten, but I know that the Drudge Report gets a ton of traffic. And basically the guy just links out to news articles from his single page website. Could someone adapt that model into a poker news resource? I think it’s worth a shot.

Ideas for poker niches are all around. Don’t limit yourself to just having a site that offers reviews of online poker rooms. Think about going with one of the proven business models that some of the big boys use.