There are other ways of doing this, but this article focuses on a few ways of creating an authority site in the poker niche. The theme of all of the following suggestions is the creation of a site that can be used as a reference by legitimate places. Anonymously created, “humorous” photo collections of poker players might be cute, but they’ll never be used as a reference by someone writing a book about poker. And if you want a REAL authority site in the poker niche, then you want a site that can and will be used as a reference. (Because that’s what a real authority site is.)

  1. Create a poker phone and address directory. This one’s a neat idea because it requires little in the way of creativity. On the other hand, it does require a certain amount of work, because such a site, by its nature, will be pretty large. You could include the addresses and phone numbers of all the places in the world/country/state/city where you can play poker. You could include the addresses and phone numbers of all the places in the world/country/state/city which sell poker supplies. You could even create a directory of contact information for famous poker players. Yellow page and phonebook types sites are authorities.
  2. Create a poker quotations site. Organize the quotations by who said them and by subject matter. If you can become the Bartlett’s of poker quotations, then you’ll have an authoritative poker site.
  3. Create a poker dictionary. This one’s been done to death by a lot of sites, and some sites have even built their entire site as a poker dictionary. But it’s still a huge opportunity for someone who wants to create an authoritative, reference-style poker site.
  4. Create a poker encyclopedia. Keep in mind that wikis are only one way to create an encyclopedia. Most encyclopedias though still follow the practice of hiring various authorities to contribute particular articles on specific subjects. Creating a legitimate, authoritative poker encyclopedia would be a huge undertaking, but it would pay huge rewards too.
  5. Create a poker almanac. An almanac is a really old-school type of reference that organizes information in an entertaining and calendar style format. Almanacs also often contain a lot of facts, figures, and statistics organized into tabular information. I don’t know of ANY poker almanacs out there now, so this niche is wide open. If I had the time, the energy, or the interest, this would be the next poker site I would launch.

That’s only 5 ways, but there are plenty more. Poker FAQ’s can be authority sites, and so can poker website directories. (There is no poker-specific version of Yahoo or DMOZ, but there could be.) Any kind of poker how to guide could be an authority site too. Next time you’re thinking of launching a new poker website, consider launching a style of site that easily lends itself to authority status. Do it right, and the rewards will be tremendous.