Every online poker affiliate at some point or another has considered starting an online poker webcast or podcast. (And sometimes it seems like every poker affiliate out there has actually done so!)

So, given the huge amount of online poker podcasts out there, what’s the value in starting another one?

There are some pretty significant pros and cons when it comes to online poker podcasts. True, it’s a great way to build an audience for your poker website and a fun way to communicate with other online poker fans. But it can also be hard to get your podcast noticed in a webspace that’s crammed full of other online poker marketers doing the exact same thing as you.

But with that word of warning out of the way, there are some truly excellent reasons to give an Internet poker podcast a try if you’re so inclined.

1. Communicate with your audience. If you’ve already built some decent poker traffic, keep your visitors engaged by communicating with them regularly.

2. Get new traffic. If you turn out to be good at the podcast thing — maybe you were on the community radio in college, or maybe you’re just a fabulously witty person — it’s a great way to marketing buzz around your site that’s above and beyond your basic online marketing and SEO practices. (And it can even be a lot quicker than that, if you happen to get strong buzz. Although, admittedly, that can be tough.)

3. Network (and linkbait). Venturing out into a new area of online poker marketing, especially one as multimedia as podcasting, gives you the opportunity to invite other online poker marketers to chat on your show. And that in turn can easily lead to more reciprocal links. And that’s great for SEO, as well as the general building of your online poker brand. Meet more online poker marketers; build more of a network — and you might find some interesting and unexpected business opportunities come your way, as well.

4. Low cost advertising. Podcasts don’t cost much more than the expense of a cheap microphone and some basic software. You get a lot of bang for your buck.

5. Let your celebrity show! Okay, this isn’t for everyone … but for those of us who secretly think we’re way more fun, witty and entertaining than those lame “celebrities” on TV, a podcast is a great way to show off our show business side.

6. And then there’s this, maybe the best reason of all: Recording an online poker podcast will help you kill time while you’re waiting for your SEO to kick in! (Thanks to this entertaining article with other tips on being a proactive, aggressive online marketer.)

And hey, if you do start an online poker podcast, let us know! We’re always interested in hearing what our friends in the online poker affiliate community have to say to the world.


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