137 players, including well-known pros and some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities. A high-profile event, even though it was competing for media coverage with the World Series of Poker. The biggest poker charity event in the U.S.

Add all these factors together and you have Ante Up for Africa, a poker charity tournament that’s the brainchild of poker pro Annie Duke, actor Don Cheadle, and Norman Epstein. The event, which enjoyed coverage last night on ESPN, has continuously gained a higher and higher profile since it launched in 2007, and has raised a whopping $2.5 million total bucks since then.

So, as a poker affiliate, why should you care? Well, if being charitable isn’t your thing, there is the fact that events like this help to improve poker’s reputation as a potential force for good. And that will help get Internet poker fully legalized in the United States and other nations where grandstanding politicians still like to present it as some kind of evil, sinful devil’s game in order to pry more votes out of their aging constituencies.

Read more about Ante Up for Africa’s success here and here.


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