Sometimes you get stuck for poker content ideas. Even if you hire other people to write content for you, sometimes it’s just plain hard to come up with ideas for what your writers should write about. Here’s a look at some of the different types of poker content you can add to a website.

Pure Information – Examples of pure information might include pages that give the addresses, ownership information, licensing information, and softwares that various online poker sites use. Another type of purely informational article might be a page that describes a specific poker game in detail. Think of purely informational poker content as pages that define and further explain a particular topic.

Definition Lists - Poker glossaries abound, but some of them are better than others. Some of the most useful definition lists are the less obvious topics, like a glossary of poker chat lingo. Or a list of definitions specific to a particular poker site. (For example, you could have a PokerStars glossary which defines the PCA, the EPT, the APPT, the LAPT, and the WCOOP, among other things.)

Poker Interviews – With as many poker bloggers and poker players who are out there, finding someone to interview ought to be easy. Most poker players are D-list celebrities at best, but even in the world of poker, there are levels of notoriety. And interviews are one way poker players might hope to climb those ranks. Depending on how well-known your site is, you might have to start at the bottom of the poker celebrity ladder or at the top. Either way, poker interviews make great content.

Poker Player Profiles – This type of poker content is overused, but it’s still worth doing if you can find a unique angle. The trick to writing a unique poker profile is to have an actual opinion and perspective to share. The best poker profiles are more than just “pure informational” content.

Links – Most people use links pages to consolidate their lists of external links, but poker content featuring a list of links on a specific topic makes for great content and great relationships with other site owners. The trick with this type of content is to focus on a very specific microniche. An example might be “Five Pages About Microlimit Texas Holdem Strategy”. The other trick is to provide lots of context by having plenty of description, insights, and opinions about the content you’re linking out to.

Irony – Irony and satire are wonderful tools for poker content generation, and they’re hardly ever used. You could easily create an entire site that’s a parody of another site. I think a site called Three Plus Three that gave terrible poker advice from really good looking but dumb poker writers would be hysterical. It would draw links like crazy too.

Contests – I’m holding a poker strategy content writing contest right now. But any kind of content that you can produce which will get your readers more involved in interacting with you and your site is worth a LOT more than a piece of content that someone reads, yawns, and then hits the back button. Contests are one way to get your readers interacting with your poker content.

Predictions – A popular type of poker content seen on forums and blogs this time of year are predictions for what’s going to go on in the coming year. But you don’t have to limit prediction content to January. You can write articles predicting the winners of major poker events, then followup articles comparing your predictions to the actual tournament results.

Reviews – “Review” has a double meaning. You can write reviews of online poker rooms, but most people don’t need me to tell them about that kind of content. Another kind of “review” content is when you review some of the content from your site over the last year, like we did with our 2008 Poker Affiliate Blog Posts Review here. If you run a forum, you can review the most exciting threads for the year. If you run a blog, you can write about your best blog posts. If you run a straight content site, you can write about your most-viewed or most interesting static pages that were added in the last year. (And it doesn’t have to be an annual thing either; you can do a monthly or even a weekly review.)

These 9 types of poker content are by no means the only types of poker content you could write. But next time you’re having trouble coming up with something to write about, think about trying one of these angles.