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We’ve decided that a hits and misses box at this point in the review is too out of place since it does not provide us the space we need to deal with such issues properly, although we certainly do want to show them some scars, but that’s better done later in the body of the review.  This will serve to better establish the credibility we need to establish in order to properly gain their confidence and thus be more believable and persuasive.

poker hits

Step up to the microphone and give them the real hit parade

There’s no need to do that here so I suggested we call this box the “highlights” box, we could call it the hits box I guess but if we call it that, people are used to seeing a hits and misses box and that’s what Poker Listings actually uses as well and we don’t want people thinking this is a variation of that, without the misses, in the way that we are just leaving that part out.

We won’t be, as we do need to deal with that later on, but by calling it a highlights box this doesn’t in any way portend to be a hits and misses box so the term serves our purposes better here, because what we are looking to do is to describe the highlights of the poker site here and that’s it.

Let’s Look At Poker Listings’ Hits

I spoke about the “known for their loose and juicy Holdem” in the last article and that’s way off base and outdated by a good many years, so that has to go.  It is a major feature of this poker site that the players are still pretty fishy compared to most poker sites and especially compared to Poker Stars, which is a huge site and has more players than all other poker sites put together, so anything a lot fishier than Poker Stars is in itself worthy of mention, and we can and should speak of this in general terms, even though 888 may only be a little fishier than some other sites and perhaps not as fishy as some of their competitors.

So therefore I generally speak of any site that isn’t called Poker Stars as fishy these days, and I do feel that this is warranted.  So I would say that this is worth mentioning and is indeed one of the highlights here, even perhaps the biggest highlight, so it should go first on our list.

Instead of inaccurately describing the games there as loose and juicy, we could say that it has a lot of weaker players from their huge casino, and while that’s not exactly that true anymore, it used to be a lot more the case in the old days, we don’t mind embellishing things nor should we, as long as the embellishments aren’t too far off and aren’t things that people could call us down on, such as saying the games there are loose when they are actually very tight.

888 still does get players from their casino though, although much less so than a few years back, when it was a fairly unknown site and they pretty much solely relied on their casino traffic to fill their poker tables and were pretty satisfied with that.  Nowadays 888 Poker is much more aggressively marketed to poker players and there is a much higher percentage of players there who don’t play casino games at all, yet this still is a factor.

So let’s change this a bit and in the small amount of space we have we’ll say instead something like “many weaker poker players who come over from their casino.”  This will serve to whet the appetite of prospective players while not getting us in any trouble with people who are very familiar with this site.

More Highlights

So that will do for the first one, Poker Listings has a total of 4 hits on their list so we will come up with 4 as well and that’s a good number actually.  The next one is “great graphics and poker cam tournaments.”  888 does offer poker cam tables although they really aren’t that popular so this doesn’t seem to merit mentioning in such a prominent position, although it does bear mentioning but we can relegate this and other such details to the body of the review.

I would change this to “excellent state of the art software with great graphics,” and this is in fact true as the software here is now among the very best out there, and might even be the best period.  I think it’s more important to talk about the software in general here rather than talking about a specific feature like poker cams.

I don’t think that having software for both PC and Mac is a big deal as pretty much every poker site supports Mac these days.  I do think that mobile software is worth mentioning though and especially if you support both Apple and Android, which they do, and this will get mobile users more interested in the review as well.

So we can make this one “play on the go on your Apple or Android device” or something to that effect.

Finally they have “massive guarantees and satellites to live events.”  This presumes that the reader knows that we’re talking about tournaments and while most would, I wouldn’t want to leave that to chance, especially since our main market here is newer players who may not even know what the heck we are talking about.

A lot of people like tournaments though and it is the most popular form of online poker, and 888’s tournaments are pretty good indeed and well worth mentioning in the highlights, so I’d change this to something like “great soft tournaments to suit every bankroll.”

So this isn’t much different than what they have and does include some of the real highlights of this site, there’s no need to talk about the bonuses here since that’s already well covered, but by putting it in a way that is bound to attract more interest, we better serve the purpose of this box.


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