At PAP our members in the community are our most valuable asset. Nothing excites us more than when one of our members develops a tool or resource that will be helpful to the rest of the poker affiliate community. Our member Kevin AKA (Poker69) in the forums has done just this.

After being an affiliate for several years and working with hundreds of affiliates over the course of time, I can tell you, one of the biggest challenges poker affiliates face is simply staying organized. After all, we have tons of trackers, logins, and various income and expenses each month.

Kevin created a comprehensive excel spreadsheet for poker affiliates that will alleviate these problems for poker affiliates. The spreadsheet is tabbed and will allow you to track the following:

  • Affiliate Income
  • Other Income
  • Money Spent
  • Net Revenue
  • Passwords
  • Goals

This is a great tool for both new and experienced affiliates. Kevin has spent a fair amount of time putting this poker affiliate tracker together. Kevin has agreed to share this great tool with other affiliates in return for a link back to one of his sites. In my opinion this is a great value for affiliates.

You can contact kevin in the forums via PM by clicking here.

We will be featuring more poker affiliate resources in future PAP blog posts this week, s be sure to check back here often.