Some poker websites think that their “about us” page is useless, and they even go so far as to try to prevent sending PageRank there at all. (See some of the discussions about so-called “PageRank sculping” over in the forum.) But even worse than that is that a lot of poker websites provide almost no “about us” information at all. It seems to me that in an industry where credibility is important for conversions, having an “about us” page is a pretty important and easy step to take.

Taglines as an About Us Tool

The first and easiest type of “about us” information any poker webmaster can include on her poker site is a tagline. A tagline is just a few words or a sentence that describes what the website does, or what the owners of the website do. For example, Two Plus Two has a clear tagline at the top of their homepage: “The best in poker/gaming books.” Poker News has a tagline too, although it’s a little less specific than Two Plus Two’s: “The independent online poker authority.” The PokerStars homepage is even less clear because it looks like they have two taglines:

  1. “Find the poker star in you.” – To me, this is completely vague and kinda cheesy.
  2. “The world’s largest poker site.” – This should be the tagline, since it immediately and concisely describes what the site does.

Inverted Pyramids

It’s traditional to have an “About Us” page that’s prominently linked to from the homepage, and it’s usually available from any page of the site. The summary is the first paragraph or two on that page, which gives the broad overview of what the site is about and what their goals are. Additional details come after the overview or summary. If you look at the About Us page at PokerStars , you’ll notice that it’s written in this inverted pyramid style. The broad facts about the company come first, and the page gets more specific in its details in the later paragraphs.

This inverted pyramid style of writing is a journalist technique, and most newspaper articles are written in this style, from broad at first to specific at the end. The articles are written this way because it’s useful for the reader, in terms of providing context. But it’s also useful for the editor, because the article will always make sense even if you cut off the bottom paragraph, or the bottom 2 paragraphs, and so on.

Detailed “about us” information is something that should be included in some way on most poker websites. Anonymous content isn’t as trusted by search engines or by website users. And less trust = less traffic and lower conversions. And that’s a formula for poker affiliate website failure.