All week we have been working on the new PAP 2.0 site that is about ready to launch. I am excited to see the finished product but all the tedious stuff is getting to me. Just when you feel like you are done working and the site is polished up you remember there are 10 more pieces of content that need done and 3 pages need sliced and coded. However, if you never pay attention to details then you are ultimately selling yourself short and loosing potential with each broken link. Working on this today I realized, “the About Us page is just about the most overlooked aspect of every site.”

How much more social could this page be? By its nature alone there should be all sorts of cool selling points. Back in March 2006 I started working with a rakeback affiliate while at PokerHeaven. This affiliate didn’t have the best website but he made everything so personal that his conversion rates were outstanding. It’s crazy to me how many people went to the site, clicked on the About Us via the ‘Chat Box’ and received a picture and IM address for this guy. This logic made him a very successful affiliate with mad player loyalty. Needless to say I loved and remembered it.

Do you know what helps soften a hard sell; a personal buying experience. One way to integrate this into your site is too add the personal touch to the page by making the about us just that; real news and content about you.

One of the best examples of this Niall Kennedy‘s about page.


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