As poker affiliates we often times chose to add a new room based on 2 simple criteria. One is which programs are offering us the highest CPA / Revenue Share and converts decently. Another is who is giving away the highest deposit bonus to new players. It’s a valid argument that when choosing to play at a new room a player looks to see who on the network is giving away the most. Most new players don’t even realize that it’s more important to see how quickly the bonus is released than the actually percentage given. Not many people deposit more than $200 to start with, so the really large bonuses aren’t really that important. None the less players love them and affiliates like pushing them.

What should also be promoted on the site is the network, or independent promotions that room is running for new AND existing players. Events and qualifiers such as the WSOP, EPT and tickets to Playboy Mansion to name a few are all great promotions and calls to action. Players know that there is a bonus waiting for them upon their first deposit. They have seen the offers everywhere and know how the system works. However, what will get them to click through your links and make a deposit is that signing up through you allows them extra things like qualifier tickets and chances to play in bigger games.

New Marketing Idea: Start promoting a programs deposit bonus along with a special event every time you add a new room. Make players think that they need to sign up through you to get a special offer that they can’t from another site.

Ask you affiliate manager to give your players something special when they first sign up or make a deposit. This isn’t just a pointless freeroll, but rather a way for you to increase conversions and for them to boost deposits!
For more special offers check out the Promotions Page on PAP.