Affiliate Speedpay Ferrari

As many of you know, the momentum of Affiliate Speedpay is increasing each and every day. The reception of Speedpay since displaying and meeting with both affiliates and affiliate programs at CAP Euro has been nothing short of amazing.

We are currently in talks with over 40 different poker sites. Below however is the list of poker sites that you can already cash out your earnings via Affiliate Speedpay:

Bwin, Pokerroom, Europoker, Betsson, CasinoEuro, CherryCasino, Heypoker, Pokerpanthers,,, Omnicasino, Sunpoker, CScasino. HollywoodPoker and ChanPoker will also be up very shortly as well.

Don’t believe us though when we tell you how great Speedpay is; See what our existing customers are saying:

“The first rumours about a new payment method specifically designed for the affiliate community reached us in the summer of 2007. Not only did the product itself sound very promising, the timing for its introduction was more than perfect.

Since the beginning of 2007, the situation for certain affiliates was dissatisfactory for both sides and in spite of a lot of good will, all payment solutions available at that time were not performing; especially keeping in mind that we were determined to find a payment method that would be both legal and correct for us and our affiliate partners.

Thus, Affiliate Speedpay came at the right moment. And even more – it turned out to be a great product. It is easy to use and process from our side. It is reliable and trustworthy. And most importantly, our affiliate partners have responded to it very well.

From our side we did our best to make this initial ASP sign-up process as easy as possible for our affiliate partners. Since the integration of the ASP in our payment methods in the middle of November 2007, we have been covering the initial sign-up costs of 15$. Originally, these costs, which are the actual cost of the Visa Debit Card, would need to be covered by the affiliate partners themselves. As a way to thank all our partners, we decided to take up the option provided by ASP and cover the costs ourselves. This way we helped prevent a potential entrance barrier for the new system.

Since the integration of the ASP, almost all of our active US affiliates have chosen it as their preferred method of payment. Now they are receiving their payments on a regular and reliable basis, which is the most important issue for us when it comes to keeping the partnerships stable and trustworthy. As PokerAffiliate programme is paying its affiliate partners twice a month, the reliability is very important.

Last, but not least, we would like to point out once more the great response we have received so far from our affiliate partners and finish off with a quote of one of our affiliates:

“I’ve checked and found that this service is really great!” We agree!”

Ana Simic
Affiliate Communication Manager, Bwin