Most poker SEO’s are so focused on linkbuilding that they don’t have a clue about how to write copy for search engines. And writing copy for search engines is also good for users, believe it or not. But only if you’re good at it. This post is an example of good poker SEO copywriting.

Question: What is poker SEO copywriting?

Answer: Poker SEO copywriting is the art of writing content about poker that does well in the search engines. Poker SEO copywriting isn’t much different from effective SEO copywriting for other industries, but most people who work in the poker industry aren’t very good at it. On the other hand, most people involved in the poker SEO industry ARE quite good at poker linkbuilding. Poker SEO copywriting can be the most effective weapon in a poker webmaster’s traffic building arsenal. You could also become a poker SEO copywriting consultant, since so few people are actually good at it.

Writing copy for poker SEO purposes isn’t any kind of magic trick. Effective poker SEO copy is written with 2 things in mind – repetition and emphasis. Repetition means that you repeat your keyword phrase in your copy. Emphasis means that you emphasize your keyword phrase in your copy. Doing both creatively, in a way that reads well to a reader, is the art of poker SEO copywriting.

4 ways to use repetition in poker seo copywriting

  1. Use a question and answer format in order to repeat your keyword phrases.
  2. Write lists where you use keyword phrase repetition as a rhetorical technique.
  3. Just focus on repeating your keyword phrase more often in paragraphs.
  4. Use lots of examples.

Examples of poker seo copywriting

The question and answer format I used to begin this article is an example of point #1 in this discussion of ways to use repetition in poker SEO copywriting.

You can find some decent examples of using lists for repetition in poker SEO copywriting in my previous post about how to be a poker affiliate.

If you want to use repetition by using your keyword phrases in actual paragraphs, then stop using words like “it” and “he” so often. If I want to optimize a page for the phrase “Randy Ray”, why would I refer to “Randy Ray” as “he” 9 times out of 10?

Do I really need to point out that this entire subsection of the article is an example of how to use examples to create repetition in poker SEO copywriting?

4 ways to use emphasis with poker keyword phrases in poker SEO copywriting

  1. Bold your poker keyword phrases to create emphasis.
  2. Use your poker keyword phrases in headings to create emphasis.
  3. Put your “poker keyword phrases” in quotes to create emphasis.
  4. Italicize your poker keyword phrases to create emphasis.

Most poker SEO’s don’t care about repetition and emphasis because they don’t focus on the copywriting aspect of poker SEO. Instead, they focus on links and anchor text. Those poker SEO’s who do care about repetition and emphasis worry more about emphasis than repetition. I think they’re doing it wrong. Repetition of poker keyword phrases is THE magical ingredient in the poker SEO equation. Emphasis of poker keyword phrases is fine and dandy, but repetition is your bread and butter as a poker SEO copywriter.