Some poker webmasters pay attention to their referral logs. Just as many, if not more, don’t pay any attention to them at all. This post is meant to be an actual demonstration of how your referral logs can be a content generator for your site. Here are the answers to some of the questions which have brought visitors to this site,

How are poker conversions?

I’m not entirely sure what someone who is searching for the phrase “how are poker conversions” is asking, but I suspect it’s someone who wants to know whether poker conversions are up, down, or level. Maybe they’re wondering whether or not the recession is hurting the poker affiliate business. Based on what I’ve seen, the recession hasn’t driven poker conversions down too terribly much, and I think a lot of folks feel like gambling is one of those recession-proof businesses. But you can also see from the discussion in the thread I linked to, people are interested in diversifying their business just in case poker conversions do fall dramatically.

How much money do you make poker affiliate?

Whoever was searching for “how much money do you make poker affiliate” probably wasn’t asking me personally what I’m making as a poker affiliate. They’re probably more interested in what the earning potential for a poker affiliate is. I’m far from the biggest poker affiliate out there; in fact, I’m probably one of the smallest poker affiliates out there. But if you’re interested in how much money YOU can make as a poker affiliate, I can tell you that with a little bit of effort and good sense, a six figure income is realistic. And if you’re really smart and hard working, you can make six figures a month or more. To make a lot of money as a poker affiliate, you have to be smart, willing to work hard, and focused on taking it up a notch, all the time.

How to make my poker forums popular?

The easiest way to make your poker forums popular is to have compelling discussions going on there that people want to participate in. I’ve also noticed that popular poker forums tend to be more than JUST poker forums. Two Plus Two is probably the most popular poker forum on the Internet. But they’re a publisher of books, and their forum has grown from that aspect of their business.

Popular poker forums also tend to focus around specific personalities. Would people be as interested in posting at Two Plus Two if David Sklansky and Mason Malmuth weren’t participating there, and also if they weren’t successful poker writers?

Keeping those two things in mind will go a long way toward helping you make your poker forum popular. You might also find our previous blog post on the subject useful: How To Run a Popular (and Profitable) Poker Forum.

How to build a rakeback calculator?

I don’t know how to build a rakeback calculator. At one time though, someone was offering a free rakeback calculator in the forums. If you take advantage of that deal, you don’t have to know how to build a rakeback calculator either.

How to become a poker affiliate?

The quick and easy answer to “how to become a poker affiliate” is to sign up for a poker affiliate program. But if you want some more details, here’s what I would suggest, in order:

  1. Figure out what poker niche you’re interested in.
  2. Brainstorm potential domain names.
  3. Register the one you like.
  4. Build a 2 or 3 page site.
  5. Sign up for some affiliate programs.
  6. Build content and get links.

That’s my super short and to the point tutorial on how to become a poker affiliate.

How to make money during a depression?

If you want to know how to make money during a depression, you’ve come to the right place. See my answer to “how to become a poker affiliate” above, and also my answer to the question earlier called “how are poker conversions”. Those aren’t the only ways to make money during a depression, but those are the ways to make money during a depression that we’re mostly interested in on this site.

How to setup a poker affiliate?

This might mean you run a poker room and want to know how to setup a poker affiliate program yourself. If you’re interested in doing so, and you need some help, I’d suggest starting a discussion thread on the subject in the poker affiliate exchange. There are almost always people in our forums with extensive experience in our industry who can provide consulting and advice on how to setup a poker affiliate program.

How to sell articles forum?

I suppose that someone looking for a “how to sell articles forum” is looking for a message board aimed at writers who want to learn how to sell their articles. I’d recommend picking up a copy of Guerrilla Marketing For Writers, and I’d also recommend taking a look at what the successful article sellers on our forums do. Of course, almost all of what you’re going to learn here is going to be specific to how to sell poker articles via our forum, but you might be able to apply some of that strategy to other article markets.

How can I contact Paradise Poker myself with a problem?

I’m guessing that whoever wants to contact Paradise Poker with a problem is a player rather than a webmaster, but who knows? At any rate, the easiest way to contact Paradise yourself with a problem is by visiting their contact us page. You can call their toll free number or email them either way. Any poker site that doesn’t have easily found contact information is a poker room you should be cautious about dealing with, by the way. Being able to contact a poker room about problems should be one of the biggest selling points you look at when deciding where to play poker or when deciding which poker site to promote as an affiliate.

How do people build poker databases?

It depends on what kind of poker databases you want to create. A database is just a collection of data, so a poker database could be as simple as a file with a list of poker websites. Or a poker database could be comprised of hand histories collected while playing or watching poker games online. You can create a database manually or via some kind of automated program, but if you’re collecting hand histories, be aware of what the specific poker site’s rules are regarding automated tools. You don’t want to get banned from a poker site by using an unapproved technology while learning how people build poker databases.

How does paynorake work?

If you want to know how paynorake works, try asking in their forum on PAP. The PayNoRake site runs its affiliate program through Wager Profits, and their forum is located here: how does paynorake work . Shaun is really helpful and accessible, and I’m sure he’d love to discuss how paynorake works with you.

How hard is it to climb up Poker Stars VIP program?

Poker players are probably more interested in how hard (or how easy) it is to climb up PokerStars VIP program than affiliates, but most poker affiliates play poker too, so this is very much on-topic. The Poker Stars VIP program is something that Poker Stars takes pretty seriously though; they’re insanely committed to providing the best VIP program on the Internet. Becoming involved in the Poker Stars VIP program is as easy as playing real money raked hands; you’re automatically part of the VIP program as soon as you do that. The ladder you’re climbing up has six runs, starting with a Bronze star and moving up to Super Elite Nova. If you’re a good poker player with a big bankroll who plays a lot, climbing the ladder is easy. If you suck at poker, have a small bankroll, or don’t play much, then you’ll have a hard time trying to climb up the Poker Stars VIP program ladder. But the best thing to do is review the program details there on the Poker Stars site and give it a shot. You’ll learn how hard or how easy it is to climb the VIP ladder there pretty quickly.

How important are keywords in a URL?

I’m sure that our forum discussion of how important keyword in a URL are generated this query, but the short answer is that it’s important, but not so important that you should stress out about it. Having keywords in a URL helps, but it’s only one of 200+ ranking factors. (By the way, our forum discussion thread about how important keywords are in a URL is one of the more popular recent threads at PAP.)

How is doing?

I don’t know how is doing, but a quick look at their site shows that they’re definitely still alive. The most recent news about how is doing is from July 2008 on their site, so I hope they’ll update their site and let us all know how is doing soon.

How is Mansion rake calculated?

How IS Mansion rake calculated?

Very carefully.

A little humor there, very little.

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure how Mansion rake is calculated, but if someone were to post a new discussion thread titled “How is Mansion rake calculated?” in the discussion forum, I’d be really grateful. Especially if their post actually answered the question.

How long does it take to withdraw from Full Tilt out uk bank?

I’ve never dealt with Full Tilt using a UK bank, but my experience with withdrawing funds from Full Tilt has been really positive. It’s never taken me long to withdraw money from my Full Tilt account.

I might make another post answering questions that brought visitors to PAP soon, but that’s about all I’ve got in me to write today.