As social media evolves and online poker webmasters continue to utilize sites like Facebook and Twitter, is the demand for poker affiliate forums dying?

It may surprise many of you, but the short answer seems to be no. For newbies, anyway, Google searches still show that people seeking info on how to start up a new poker site usually search for forums first.

And that’s because affiliate forums still provide a highly valuable place for newbies to quickly read a huge collection of stories, advice, and info from the past few years on what does and doesn’t work in affiliate marketing. Can you think of any other one-stop source of info that someone who wants to learn a lot about online poker affiliate marketing — and fast — would be better off checking out?

That being said, more experienced online poker affiliates tend to shun poker affiliate forums more and more, and do their networking through Facebook and Twitter. There are a growing number of pros who view  forums as an active waste of time and a distraction from the main goal of optimizing their sites. That makes sense, too; once you’ve learned all you think you’re going to learn from other affiliates, forums sort of become just a place to trade stories and maybe get news. Nothing wrong with that, but dedicated affiliates usually want to better utilize their time. (And think of those online forums that have basically become venues to gossip about industry figures or to complain about other forums … you know the ones. There’s little value in that kind of interaction, and the end result is that it makes the whole industry look somewhat foolish.)

These trends are true of affiliate forums beyond the Internet poker industry, as well. Online gaming forums across the Internet are experiencing an exodus of more veteran users and an influx of more newbies. For these newbies, poker affiliate forums remain a valuable source of quick information that new social media sites still cannot match. And that’s not likely to change. After all, as with the PAP Forum, they still provide a valuable encyclopedia of online poker affiliate knowledge, past and present.

And if a site is still drawing in lots of affiliate newbies, it’s it’s still a valuable place for affiliate programs to advertise.


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