It’s Often All About How We Say Things

In the last article, I spoke in detail about how 888 Poker’s “original and best” line wasn’t exactly the ideal way to explain the benefits that they are looking to portray in this section of the page.

poker cheese

Try to minimize the cheese on these pages

One of the most striking features of this approach is that it just seems way too cheesy, lacking the polish and professionalism that we would expect from an organization such as this, who certainly have the resources to hire some very good content writers and such.

Now it very well may be that they are thinking that they are targeting the most unsophisticated of poker prospects, and therefore they may think well they really can’t hurt themselves with this approach and that it might even be ideal for the market it may be thinking it is targeting.

Unless they are going after a bunch of kids though, I can’t see that being the case, even if they have decided that the majority of their visitors just fell off the turnip truck so to speak and this is their very first experience with a poker website, and that they are of a below average intelligence as well.

Now it may well be that a lot of people who visit 888 Poker’s home page these days are of the rather unsophisticated type, the sort that is only concerned with free poker money, to the extent that they feel that deposit bonuses aren’t even worth mentioning anywhere on the page, but we don’t want to pander to the lowest common denominator, and even if we do we can do a better job of it than this I would say.

Am I Being Too Picky Here Though?

We do want to keep in mind that we really don’t care who 888 Poker is targeting, and maybe they are attracting a lot of kids these days who they hope to get hooked on online poker and then perhaps they will steal their daddy’s credit card and put some real money in at some point.

This isn’t the type of player we generally go after though, so this is going to matter to us, and we don’t want such a simple minded approach anyway even if we are running sites specifically targeting no deposit players.

The very fact that this stuff is given such a sideline treatment, in very small text towards the bottom of the page, disturbs me enough though.  Aside from the free deposit money, which they obviously feel is more than sufficient to persuade people, this stuff is just thrown in there as an aside, but I wouldn’t mind that so much if it were done better.

So this section answers the rather important question of why should I play here?  Well they do give you $88 for free, and that will persuade some people to try it out, to be perfectly fair, and aside from the concerns I have about the way they handle this, it’s not going to persuade everyone of course, or there would be no need for any more on the page than that.

So now we have to look to the people who don’t convert, and as we know this is going to be the majority of visitors, even with the best of preparation from our affiliate sites and the best designed landing page we can come up with.

We Can’t Afford To Be Lazy Here

As affiliates, we know how important conversion rates are, and how difficult it is to get a good percentage of our traffic to convert, and especially to convert well.  With revenue share in particular, we need our players to be as sold as possible on the long term benefits of a site if we plan on making any kind of real money off of them.

So this tactic of here’s some free poker money, oops it’s not anywhere near as much as you thought, it’s not $88 it’s really just a couple of bucks but don’t complain, we did give it to you for free, now where’s your deposit, well that just doesn’t cut it for us anyway, and is way too cheesy of an approach as well, as it denigrates confidence quite severely.

What we do need to do though is sell people on the merits of the poker site.  What a concept!  It’s not that 888 Poker doesn’t attempt this but the attempt could be a lot better.

That’s where we step in with our custom landing pages, and if you’ve been following along with this series, it should be clear that if there was ever an instance where we need to create one, this is it, which is a big part of the reason why I chose this as my first example.

So getting back to the topic of this article, what we need to do is really avoid sounding too cheesy, and the material on 888’s site where they talk about being the original and best, without really backing it up too much, along with some of the other stuff below this which we’ll have a look at as well, really lacks the sort of polish and professionalism that we need this to have in order for this to be as effective as it needs to be in order to suit our purposes well enough.


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