I was looking over some old affiliate stats today and couldn’t help but notice a small trend. Some of the affiliate sites that do the best aren’t always the ones with the highest traffic volumes. I know that generating traffic is a huge aspect of the game; however you can help yourself out by converting the traffic you are already getting more efficiently. One of the ways you can do this is by being online to speak with players when they have questions.

Working closely with a Danish rakeback affiliate a year ago really taught me the value of the IM support. The rapport they build with their players was amazing, and it showed in their MGR. Other rakeback sites have done this as well and it’s extremely effective.

Recently, when I was purchasing hosting I ran across a site that a java application that allowed me to ask question to their support in real time. Many poker rooms have added this to their support as well. They have figured out the faster a customer can get a question answered the more loyal that customer will become. Affiliates are slowing building this part of their businesses up and taking a look at customer service more seriously. Taking it a step past SitePal and adding a personal touch goes a long ways.

One simple way to do this is by being online during the day and answering your instant messenger pages. Simply add your details and the times you are normally available to your site and try to help new players when they have questions. Nothing will be loyalty and trust as fast as quick service and accessibility.