Before I begin I want to say thanks to Bart for sharing this little tip with me. He’s always got some tricky SEO tools for us up his sleeve. More from Matt Cutts on hiding links here. Don’t forget to check out the Cloaking rules set by Google as well.

Often times when affiliates are adding reviews to their site they try and hide their affiliate links to make the site seem more unbiased and review like. I am all for this if it helps boost conversions and sends players to the room they are wishing to click to. A lot of people think adding a little ‘no follow’ is the best method out there; however I found something better. As you can see in todays ‘Copy and Paste me’ section below there is a fancy way to hide those ugly affiliate links with the super long tails. The example below looks like the user is going to and really is sent to in a shifty manner. Plug this in and check out your status bar. Pretty cool right? Now start changing your review pages and come across like the true reviewer we all know you are…

Copy and Paste Me:

Party Poker

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