I wrote a blog post about how to come up with bingo content ideas a couple of days ago, but the post somehow disappeared. So here is “bingo content ideas 2.0″ – my second attempt to answer the burning question of how to write bingo content. (The previous blog post, and this new, improved version of that blog post, were inspired by the following discussion of bingo content on the forums.)

My approach to building a large content site is to aim for several hundred pages of content, each page of which targets at least 3 keyword phrases. I wrote a post in one of my other blogs once about how to write a 1000 page content site, and that post might be useful to review anytime you’re having trouble planning content for a site. This particular post is specific to planning and writing content for a large bingo content website.

Topics and subtopics

Whenever I’m planning content for a site, I try to narrow the site’s focus down to a single word or phrase. An example of a single word topic for a bingo site would be “bingo”. (Of course.) An example of a two word phrase singular bingo topic might be “bingo halls”. For this article, I’m going to use the approach of using a one word topic, “bingo” for my content planning.

Subtopics of bingo, or bingo topics

A lot of webmasters use some kind of keyword suggestion tool to come up with keyword phrases, but I prefer to brainstorm by topic and subtopic first. So for a site about “bingo”, the first thing I try to think of are subtopics of “bingo”. Here are some bingo topics:

  1. Bingo games
  2. Bingo halls
  3. Online bingo
  4. Bingo odds and probabilities
  5. Bingo chat & bingo lingo

My hope is that you’re planning to build a bingo site larger than just six pages. But each of these six bingo topics is a springboard for dozens or hundreds of additional pages of bingo content. You just have to divide them into further bingo content subtopics.

For bingo games, subtopics would include specific types of bingo games. Some bingo games include “blackout bingo”, “four corners bingo”, and “progressive bingo”. I don’t have an estimate for how many different bingo game variations there are, but my guess is that you could come up with at least a dozen and maybe twenty or more with a little bit of research.

For bingo halls, subtopics would include specific geographic locations and which bingo halls are available there. For example, you could create 50 pages of content for a USA bingo section, one for each state. For that matter, you could create 200-210 pages of content about bingo in various countries. (There are 200 or so countries in the world now.) Individual bingo halls could have their own pages too. My suggestion is to start local, where you live, and then expand. I’m near Dallas, so I would visit actual bingo halls in Dallas and post unique reviews and photos of the bingo halls in my area on a site. My guess is that there are several thousand bingo halls in the world to write about. And somewhere, someone is searching for one in your area.

For online bingo, the obvious subtopics include the names of specific bingo sites. There are at least 200-250 online bingo sites you could write pages about. More bingo sites are probably launching all the time too.

For bingo odds and probabilities, you could probably come up with several subtopics, including information about how big a bankroll you should have to play bingo, what kind of house edge a bingo game has, and what kind of betting systems people use when playing bingo. The possibilities here are only limited by your imagination, but it helps to know a little math (or find someone who does.)

For bingo chat and bingo lingo, the obvious content to write about here are the various phrases and slang used in online bingo chat rooms. Phrases like “after games” might be well-known and well-understood by bingo veterans, but bingo neophytes might appreciate being able to catch up on their bingo vocabulary. Some phrases are interesting enough that you could create an entire page defining and explaining them, while some might be so simple as to only warrant a one sentence description and definition.

Those are my ideas for how to come up with a large content rich bingo website. While this article was bingo-specific, I think the thought process for coming up with these bingo topics and bingo content ideas can be easily applied to almost any other topic you want to launch a website about. Bingo is a great niche to get into from a competition perspective. Lots of possibilities for unique bingo content exist, and someone who’s aggressive and industrious could build the leading bingo community on the web fairly quickly.