Writing the recent post about bingo content ideas (twice) got me thinking about bingo SEO (bingo search engine optimization). There are some SEO consultants who focus largely on poker SEO, but as far as I know, there are no specialists in the bingo SEO consulting business. This is a huge opportunity for someone who’s interested in serving the bingo SEO market.

How to do bingo SEO

Search engine optimization for the bingo niche doesn’t vary too much from any other kind of SEO. Most SEO campaigns follow the same steps, and bingo isn’t different. A familiarity with the bingo industry and with the bingo website community is essential though.

The steps I would take if I were doing a bingo SEO campaign would include:

  1. Bingo keyword research
  2. Bingo content creation and organization
  3. Bingo link building
  4. Measure results
  5. Make changes

Bingo keyword research

If you’ve read some of my previous posts here, I don’t do a lot of traditional keyword research. My approach is almost always to start thinking of topics and subtopics, and those become my keyword phrases. I would handle bingo keyword research in the same way. I did write about some different tools used for keyword research in another post though. If you’re into keyword research tools, then those resources will almost all work for bingo just as well as for poker.

After a site becomes live, the single best tool for keyword research are the site’s referral logs. On all of my sites, I have a neverending source of content ideas just in the referral logs. There’s no substitute for knowing what kinds of phrases people really search for and which really send visitors to your site.

Bingo content creation and organization

I like to create content, and I enjoy organizing content. Creating and organizing content is the most important tool in an SEO’s toolbox. A creative webmaster should have no problem coming up with dozens or hundreds of topics to create bingo content about.

Organizing bingo content involves more than just organizing files into folders and subfolders, although that’s a lot of it. But organizing the content on a single page is an important aspect of SEO too. Bingo content consists of bingo words, which are organized into bingo sentences, which are organized into bingo paragraphs, which are organized into bingo pages, which are then organized into bingo websites. Content should be organized so that the broadest and/or most important content comes first, and that’s true whether you’re writing a sentence or a paragraph or an article subsection.

Bingo link building

I’ve written extensively about poker link building secrets and about how to run a poker link building campaign, and the same logic can be applied to a bingo link building campaign. I like to have specific link building goals because I like to have an end point to my link building campaigns. (I know most webmasters are building links continuously and forever, but that’s not my approach.) Start with building a dozen really great links to your main bingo page and see how well your content is getting indexed and ranked, then evaluate whether you need a dozen more links after you see what kind of results you’re getting. Rinse and repeat.

Measure results

We discussed poker SEO metrics in the forum not long ago. Bingo SEO metrics don’t differ much, and managing and measuring a bingo SEO campaign’s results is the same process. You set targets, see how closely you can come to reaching them, and then you plan your next steps based on the results of your previous work. You can measure your bingo search engine optimization campaign’s results by looking at any or all of the following metrics:

  • Number of search engine referrals
  • Number of visitors
  • Number of pageviews
  • Number of conversions
  • Amount of revenue

Make changes

Sometimes you don’t need to make any changes. Sometimes you just need to do more work. If you have a target of making $10,000 a month with a bingo website, and you’ve built a 100 page site with 12 good backlinks, and you’re only making $500 a month, then you can decide how much content and how many links to build in order to reach that target. It’s probably safe to assume that if it takes you a month to add 100 more pages and 12 more backlinks, you can double your income from the site. The same thought process for making $1 million as a poker affiliate applies to making $1 million in the bingo SEO industry.

Bingo SEO isn’t very different from poker SEO at all.