Online poker reviews are one of the most searched-for Internet poker SEO terms. So, building a content or SEO strategy involving your own poker reviews is a great way to bring in more traffic and make more money online.

Remember, when online poker players search for poker rooms, they’re usually searching for information on the rooms, not just places to play. That’s why offering lessons on playing poker or tips on where to find online poker freerolls are such helpful strategies. And offering a series of articles reviewing your favorite poker sites can be just as effective.

It’s important to stay independent here. If you’re giving a great review for Full Tilt Poker, for example, and there just happens to be a huge Full Tilt Poker banner ad on the same page, you’re not going to fool the players. They’ll know your biased. And if the reviews you write don’t have credibility, any high SEO rankings you may achieve probably aren’t going to last very long.

Also, consider separating your online poker reviews for different markets and geographic regions. On one page (or one poker minisite) of content, you can have separate reviews for U.S.A. poker rooms, UK poker rooms, Europe poker rooms, etc.

Or you can break down the different categories by what onine poker rooms offer bonuses or special deals (if you’re able, offering bonus codes can be a big boost to your SEO traffic, as well). You can set your poker content apart from the competition even further by specifying whether or not the poker rooms are download, flash, virtual poker, etc.

The more creative and informative you are in presenting your online poker reviews, the more likely you are to get repeat traffic. Combined with a sound overall Internet poker SEO strategy, creating online poker reviews is a great way to boost your poker affiliate money making potential.


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