Poker affiliates should stay focused — keeping on working away at your poker SEO strategy is the only way to bring in traffic and ultimately make money. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider expanding your SEO strategy as well, especially to take advantage of other online gaming verticals.

And the hottest of these right now is definitely online bingo. For whatever reason, playing bingo on the Internet has caught on at the moment (especially in Europe). Companies like PartyGaming have even been using this popularity of bingo to keep profits flowing during the current economic recession.

So, when building out your online poker mini-sites, consider an online bingo site. This isn’t to suggest that you should abandon online poker, or even lose focus on it, but giving online bingo a try may be worthwhile.

There are ways to make the crossover work. Here are some possible SEO traffic niches you may be able to build upon:

  • Players searching for both online poker and online bingo
  • Bored (or unlucky) online poker players looking to try new kinds of games
  • Online casino fans not interested in poker (a good chance to win them over)

Try writing articles with the appropriate SEO keywords addressing the above themes.

Check out this post from SEO guru Randy Ray for more tips on how to build online bingo SEO traffic. And check out this list of online gaming affiliate programs for some Internet bingo programs to promote. And remember our minisite building tips when it’s time to get started.


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