As ESPN’s coverage of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) kicked off on ESPN, poker lovers had to endure a brief delay in the big premiere. Why? The renowned sports network is contractually obligated to report every detail of Brett Favre’s life in excruciating detail, and that life just happened to run up against the WSOP Main Event.

Yes, the legendary quarterback’s re-un-retirement (don’t ask, it’s a word now!), has been dominating all news media for days (weeks? years?), and so it was little surprise when ESPN chose to delay the opening of its WSOP Main Event coverage to report on it even more. Unsurprising, yes, but still, um, what’s the word — oh yeah: lame.

The delay was only 20 minutes, so the inconvenience really wasn’t too much to bear. Still, lesson learned: Despite ESPN’s recent deal ensuring coverage of the WSOP for the next 10 years, poker coverage still takes a back seat to the king of all sports: The NFL. (And remember, the NFL is also one of the biggest groups fighting to make online gambling permanently illegal. Do we smell a conspiracy?)

To read more about this burning issue (and to learn what actually happened when the WSOP did start), check out Dan Cypra’s excellent recap at PokerNewsDaily, here.


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