Build Your Landing Pages In Order To Impress

Before we move on to looking at the comparison of Poker Listings’ custom landing page with the standard home page of 888 Poker in more detail, I want to point out that it just isn’t about the information that we feed them on these home pages.  The layout and the visual appeal of the pages matter as well.

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When we build our own custom landing page, we want it to be impressive

In my mind, this doesn’t matter near as much as what we could call the substance of the page, the information that’s on it that is designed to persuade readers to download the software and set up an account, but it does matter, and if we are looking to go with our own versions of the home page we need to pay attention to this as well.

As a general rule, poker rooms do a pretty good job of this, but this does not mean that their work cannot be improved upon.  I absolutely love the new layout on the standard home page that 888 Poker now features by the way, and this is probably the best I have ever seen as far as creating the atmosphere we should be looking to create with these critical pages.

This really is the reference for what we want to do here and I don’t even feel I could improve on this very much at all, I think that the table could be more spread out and look more impressive but at the same time there’s a certain air that the very closed knit table they have creates and it’s hard to argue about that, even though it does look pretty cramped for 6 players.

The playing poker on a roof overlooking a city is awesome though, as is the big 888 sign, this is a real work of art I would say.

The entire home page here, from top to bottom, is now in an elite class and may even be reference quality by which all other poker site’s home pages may now be judged.  If you are familiar with my blog you know how fussy and particular I am so when I say that it is very difficult to improve on something, you can bet that it truly is, especially with my diabolical mind as far as coming up with potential improvements go.

So The Standard Has Been Set Here

To be perfectly fair, this wasn’t the page that was there when Poker Listings came up with their landing page, which was based on the old format, prior to this very impressive re-creation that 888 Poker just put up recently.

The first task though is always to look to see what we could change as far as the standard layout goes, and we do have our work cut out here with this one.  Even though Poker Listings is based upon an older version, we can’t just put up our custom landing pages and then forget about them, lest they fall behind, which is the case with Poker Listings’ current landing page.

If you remember back, we spoke about standard home pages taking on a bigger task than what is required, or may be required depending on the circumstances, with out custom landing pages.  This has to do with the fact that the people we send here will tend to be a lot more sold on the place and will just need reminders more than anything.

There are things we do need to remind them of, of course, but we may not need all of the text that is needed on the standard page, and as you can see there is a fair bit of it, and all of the pertinent points need to be a re-hash of what we have presented to them in our reviews, or at least it better be a re-hash, if we’ve done our job properly in the review.

This is showtime though so to speak, we’ve got them this far and we want to make sure that we maximize this opportunity for them to register their account.

The Download Focus

888 Poker has focused on getting people to download and by looking at the home page you’d never know if they have a no download version or not.  Even though most players use the downloadable software, and it’s the best choice for just about everyone, there are situations where players will need to use the no download version and I want to make that much more clearer than 888 does, who doesn’t even mention it.

They also have a version for Mac and that’s not mentioned on the home page either.  They do have an “available for android” box up there but this could be more prominently displayed.  They also offer apps for the iPhone and iPad but this is another secret they are keeping from you on the home page.  This is not the place for such secrets.

So for starters, I definitely want to see buttons for all of these options right on the home page in plain view, one for windows download, one for Mac download, one for the no download options, and one each for the mobile options.

Perhaps they could just have one for mobile which would send people who click on that to the mobile page, which they do have, and that’s not a bad idea because it does offer more mobile specific content on it, as it should.

So we’ll continue to look at 888’s standard home page in the next article.


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