In the Poker Affiliate Programs forum, we discuss building and growing poker sites.  Of course, considering we are all affiliates marketing and promoting the various poker rooms and offers, the focus of forum conversation is appropriate.

While we often provide tips and advice to one another in the forums, I often feel that questions go unanswered or steps are missed in the website building process.  For this reason, I have decided to build a new poker website from scratch.  Now by saying “from scratch,” I don’t mean that I intend to launch a site and send traffic to it from another website I own.  I am starting this website from scratch meaning no customers, no affiliate accounts, no domains, and no traffic.  During this process, I will walk you through the entire poker website building process – from scratch.

While I am building this new poker website, I will be detailing everything by way of the PAP blog.  During this process, I will share all my ideas, thoughts, research, decisions, frustrations, marketing plans, and SEO tactics with our readers in hopes of helping other affiliates with their website building efforts.

In future readings, poker affiliates can expect to learn more about the following:

How to create a unique poker site,

How to do keyword research for a poker site,

How to select a poker domain,

How to write poker content,

How to design a poker website,

How to get the word out about your poker site,

How to drive traffic to your poker site,

How to negotiate with Affiliate Managers,

How to rank for poker keywords,

…anything else you can think of in how to build a poker website from scratch!

I look forward to this project of mine and as always, I am available in the PAP forum to discuss my thoughts, provide advice, and share ideas.

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