According to Wikipedia a niche market also known as a target market is a focused, targetable portion (subset) of a market sector.

Niche marketing is the process of finding and serving profitable market segments and designing custom-made products or services for them – In this case poker portals (websites) which service a search inquiry.

In today’s market there are plenty of people looking to play poker online and know what they are looking for in a poker room. Millions of people have played poker online and know a little about the standard features. (Bonus codes, deposit bonuses, freerolls, etc) For these people it’s going to be hard to go generic and expect to receive a ranking up there with the big boys. However, niche marketing allows new webmasters to focus on a central theme and develop content and news that puts them right into the search mix. Choosing what to focus on and how large the demand for that topic is can separate the success stories from the forgotten domains. If successful when choosing a niche, then step one is complete and getting people to your site is goal #2. If content is king, then traffic is certainly the queen.

When you start researching what your poker website will focus on try and think like a player. Actually there are a lot of good poker player forums out there and players love to share stories. If fishermen are the biggest story tellers out there than certainly poker players are in a close second. Join a forum and ask around about what the players feel are the most important things to them. If they are concerned about rakeback and reload bonuses then you have a good idea what keywords to start doing research on. If you find there is a lot of talk about online qualifiers then see what tournaments are hot and who is hosting the most tournaments on their sites. (See my Aussie Millions blog post) Getting to know what players are looking for and what leads them to deposit at a certain room is crucial to your success.

Once a niche is chosen it’s time to fill up the site. I suggest you always keep your niche in mind when developing and/or purchasing content for your site. This will allow you to make sure your SEO goals are still intact and you’re progressing to your goal of keyword domination! Adding a blog to your site is a good idea as it is an excellent way to add a variety of good content to the site. Make sure you name your blog posts according to your goals. Example: if you are desiring SERP’s for the 2008 British Poker Open then title a blog post something like “The British Poker Open one of 2008’s Biggest” and have the URL look like:

Research is the key and utilizing the right tools will help you as a new affiliate chose the best keywords for your site. Once these keywords are chosen write, blog and trade links (remember to keep your keywords in the links, not your site name) to get your site recognized. One tool I recommend is Aaron Wall’s Keyword Suggestion Tool that shows results from a load of search engines and portals.