Lately, some groups in California have been taking interesting initiatives in the fight to get online poker officially legalized (and regulated, and taxed). (If you haven’t heard about it yet, read the details here and here.)

Although many think that this effort is doomed to fail, in a way it’s already accomplished some positive things for the online poker affiliate world: It’s kept the online poker legal debate in the news, helping to publicize the fact (which lots of people aren’t even aware) that Internet poker is considered illegal by the U.S. government. That, of course, is unnacceptable, and the sooner we get that changed, the more money we’ll all be making.

So what do you think? Have you been following the California online poker situation, or is it off your radar? Do you think it will help the affiliate marketing industry where you live? We want to know — chime in with your thoughts.


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