400px-tom_dwanAs Patrik Antonius and Tom “durrr” Dwan continue to battle it out over at Full Tilt Poker in their 50,000-hand showdown, the online poker world continues to buzz about the epic event.

It’s been months since these two poker superstars kicked off their pot-limit Omaha match-up, and people are still excited about all the twists and turns it’s taking. Antonius is currently winning, with a lead of about $60,000 over his opponent. But that, of course, is likely to change. (If you’re looking for a great play-by-play recap, check out Nicole Gordon’s write-up over at PokerNews.com.)

So, is this tournament big enough news to benefit affiliates? The short answer should be yes — by creating some unique content on your site publicizing the event, and maybe implementing some SEO adjustments, you may be able to entice people following this story to play a few hands of poker via your site’s affiliate programs. Smart affiliates should have no trouble at all turning this popular story into increased web traffic and affiliate sign-ups.

And perhaps they already are! If you’ve got some news to report on how this big match-up has contributed to your traffic or affiliate success, we’d love to hear about it; sound off in the comments and let us know.