CAP Awards 2008 LondonThe CAP Euro 2008 conference has wrapped up and is being hailed as one of the most successful online gamings to date. In total there were over 650 affiliates in attendance, and well over 1000 total attendees. The venue was brilliantly set up with over 50 vendors displaying.

Some of the highlights of this years event included a world class speaker lineup. Not only did the CAP Euro lineup feature one of the world’s most recognized social media guru’s with Neil Patel, it also included a dynamic Q&A panel with CEO’s from some of the largest online gaming companies. The value of these sessions being absolutely FREE for affiliates to attend cannot be underestimated.

Affiliates, affiliate managers, and operators, also got to attend the inaugural CAP Awards. The awards recognized various members and programs in our industry for excellence throughout the year. As would be expected at any CAP event, the venue, food, and atmosphere was nothing less than first class.

The ASOP (Affiliate Series of Poker) also reached a new record with the winner pocketing almost $7500 cash and a diamond studded bracelet worth $10,000.

All in all CAP Euro 2008 in London is being described by everyone who attended as a smashing success. The size and the layout of the venue made it easy to get a great deal of business and networking accomplished. The organizers for this years event also made sure that even though we worked hard during the day, we had the opportunity to party even harder during the evening.