One your website is up and gaining some momentum it’s time to turn that traffic into dollars. One of the best ways to do this is by affiliate marketing. Assuming that you are a gambling affiliate then there are about a million different online casinos and poker rooms that offer you a percentage of their profit for each player you attract to their sites. Finding an affiliate program is easy. Finding one that works with you and help you make more money isn’t always that easy.

One place to start researching who to work are poker Affiliate Forums and message boards. Look for which programs have active affiliate managers and receive good feedback from affiliates. Often you can narrow down your choices pretty quickly. Be aware which programs convert best, pay on time and have fresh promotions for your players. This will also help you update your site with new content and contests.

There has to be a start date for each affiliate program online. However, most all programs are on a shared platform or software label. Choosing to work with a new program is fine, in fact for gaining ranking it helps to work with new rooms that haven’t been SEO’d out. Do some research on which software provider they are using and how large the player base (critical mass) is at all times. The last thing poker players want to do is wait for a game or tournament to start. Also take note of how many other rooms there are on the same network and if there is a massive preference among poker webmasters to promote their brand. It’s always nice to have a few of the big rooms on your site because they do convert very well for new players.

Of course we would all like to receive the highest possible payment scenario offered by a program. Most rooms will offer you a staring percentage or CPA amount and then give you a sliding scale when your numbers start to rise. I would not be too concerned with the starting payment as long as there is incentive on both sides for you to deliver bigger numbers and more players. As for the details before you register and then work closely with your affiliate manager to stay on top of what is new and converting well.

Get to know your brand by playing a little at the site. If you are a US citizen and cannot play on the sites ask for reviews and screenshots. This personal touch will come through to your visitors and help you get a higher click through rate. When you pick your programs make sure and add the correct banners, if possible, to your site along with the promotional copy you add. For instance if you are running a blackjack promotion see if you can find some corresponding creatives and text.

Industry events can be a good place to meet your affiliate manager and negotiate deals. Although they can be a little expensive to travel too; the experience and face time will be well worth the effort. Many affiliate programs have extra tickets and passes for affiliates if you ask.