We have an awesome guest post by Chris from Poker Affiliate Solutions with his take on how to chose the right affiliate program to promote.

Choosing poker sites to promote is one of the most important parts of being a poker affiliate. Below are three factors to take into account.

Your Target Market

It sounds simple enough – if your target market is US, don’t market a room that doesn’t allow US players. But other factors are far more subtle. For instance, if your target market is newer to poker, you may be able to sell features like graphics, and may not be able to sell rooms where you need to jump through seven hoops to make a deposit.

Therefore, your first step should be to define your target market. Gone are the days when all an affiliate has to do is target “poker players.” That is too broad of a category. For example, if you are a content based affiliate obtaining sign-ups through search engine traffic, experienced poker players shouldn’t be your target market. Why? Because poker players all know about rakeback and the significance of signing-up through an affiliate.

‘Know thy customer’ is a mantra of selling. It is no different in being a poker affiliate.


If you are trying to get traffic using specific search terms, know where the competition is. Know how competitive a given search term is. If “Full Tilt Bonus Code” is a term you want to target, know how difficult it will be to obtain positioning. Because there may be a case where you feel the same amount of effort SEOing “Cake Bonus Code” will bring more dollars to you. In that case, promote Cake, not Full Tilt.

If you want to be a rakeback affiliate, know where new rakeback players come from, and what other affiliates you will find at the point of intersection. You can certainly compete with behemoths like RaketheRake or Raketracker, but not without an angle. Study your target market and study your competition.


This is often the factor that new poker affiliates look to first. Don’t. It’s third on this list for a reason. If you can drive traffic to a poker site via your website or marketing efforts, the money will follow. Don’t be too concerned about actual dollars in the very beginning. For example, if you can drive three times the traffic to a $60 CPA than you can to a $100, you go with the lesser payout because it makes more money. Additionally, showing results to a poker room will always up your pay rates and opens the door for future negotiations.

As important as picking a program is, promoting multiple poker rooms is the best course of action. The more diversity you have in your offerings, the better your affiliate business will be. It will allow you to weather changes in the industry, changes in individual room compensation plans, and shifts in interest of your target market.

Poker Affiliate Solutions saw the complications poker affiliates have in promoting multiple poker rooms. The creatives and statistics needed are scattered across the web. Poker Affiliate Solutions brings them all into one place, allowing easy management of your poker affiliate business.