1. Not Maximizing Potential Income off Existing Traffic: This is by far the most common mistake affiliates make online. Many if not all of the super affiliates I talk too about this issue feel they could be squeezing more money out of their networks but want to do it without being too invasive. There are several things I would recommend on a general level although each site and niche is different:
    • Proper Analytics – If you are not using a program like Google analytics you can pour over your raw search logs to see exactly who is doing what on your site and when. With this detailed info, combined with the tweaking of your campaigns and landing pages, your conversions can dramatically increase.
    • Split Testing – Split Testing is a smart way to test your site’s pages fast. Make several variations of landing pages on your site, where the traffic is converting. Then split your traffic up to different landing pages at a ratio you choose, and tweak, tweak, tweak.
    • Geo Targeting – Many people from various countries around the world are not likely allowed to sign up for the same offers as your main target audience. You should geo-target your ads or your entire site based on browser settings or IP address of the user. I can’t tell you the number of times I have clicked through a CPA type submission form/pay to signup type ad, and I get redirected telling me “This offer is not available in your area”.
  2. Great CPA programs will have something sweet for other countries set up automatically on redirect AND credit you the redirect – Most do NOT so it is up to you to drive your country-specific traffic to the proper country-specific affiliate programs. For the record I am from Canada which is close to the USA and many offers are not available to us – just think about the other 192 countries that could possibly visit your site.
  3. Not Learning the Basics of SEO: This is definitely not as widespread as the others on this list, but it had to be included because it is so important. For most this is more than a hobby, so you better learn to do it right. Aaron Wall’s SEO Book is the best beginner’s SEO book on the market. Although SEO is a complex art that is changing everyday, the very basics of SEO can be grasped by most webmasters and there is no excuse not too. One thing I’d like to add is the real “common mistake” here is not learning advanced SEO tactics. Especially if you are the “SEO guy” I would recommend reading every publication you can get your hands on including all of the black hat stuff too. You just need to know what is going on even if you’re hat is white as snow.
  4. Not Establishing Relationships and Rapport with Affiliate Managers: Getting to know your affiliate managers is a major advantage, especially if you can do it in person. They are much more likely to answer quickly and put you ahead of others if there is a connection and rapport. That last statement may seem unfair but it is simply human nature.
  5. Failure to Capture a User’s Email Address: It is so simple to include an option for a newsletter on your site and capture an e-mail. This way you can push new promotions or site updates to an already interested audience, while building your brand. Even if it is an individual who might not be converting right away, they are showing interest in learning more, and creating a targeted converting point for you.
  6. Choosing The Wrong Affiliate Program: Just because “Joe’s Bait Shop Online” is offering 75% profit share, does not mean it is the right choice for you as an affiliate. You should read some of the major affiliate marketing blogs and forums to find out the credibility of different affiliate programs in your niche. There are too many “veterans” on the forums and blogs lately complaining about affiliate programs even though they are still pushing them. I don’t care what niche you are in there are enough affiliate program options to go around – if there is a big problem with one then drop it and don’t waste your time or breath on them anymore.
  7. Promoting Too Many Programs at Once: Many affiliates promote too many programs at once. It often makes more sense financially to promote the highest converting programs only, and then trying to increase your CPA or Rev Share because of increased volume to a particular program.
  8. Giving Up On Current Projects Over and Over: This would be OK to do if you are going to follow through on the new project and the old one is really toast. Unfortunately, however, I have seen countless affiliates follow this pattern over and over instead of being consistent with their current ventures. There will be ups and downs when you promote your websites it’s as simple as that. Overcoming these obstacles is what separates long-term super affiliates from the one hit wonders.