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In our examination of our case study of Poker Listings’ review of 888 Poker, we left off looking at the info boxes in the review, where additional information is provided to readers apart from the body of the main review.  In particular, we were looking at their box in the upper left, called hits and misses.

poker diagnostics

It is our job to provide the vitals on the poker rooms we are reviewing

So I wasn’t overly impressed that there weren’t any misses listed, and there always should be some sort of miss, to at least show our readers that we are being somewhat critical in our analysis.  If there aren’t any, we should at least have a misses section of this and say no major misses or something similar to that, although I can’t imagine not being able to think of something here with any poker room.

If you can’t, then you just aren’t familiar enough with it and need to do your homework better.  Every poker room in fact has people who will line up against it, telling you everything they hate about it, and while a lot of this boils down to simply people whining about poker rooms, telling us all about their bad beats and such, at least some of it has at least some merit.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

This is all very important to convey the sense of honesty that we need to establish in order to elicit the trust that we require to influence our readers properly.  If they do not trust us, why would they listen to our advice?  This is an absolutely critical element and I cannot emphasize the importance of this enough.

Part of this striving for honesty is being willing to compare the poker room under inspection with other poker rooms which represent competing choices for our players.  Some of these may be other rooms that we are also reviewing for them, in which case we can look to create some perspective for them without muddying the waters too much, and therefore making their decisions less easy rather than more so.

We do not want them mulling things over too much and the goal in fact is to show them that we have done all the mulling for them and we are presenting our findings to them which they can then act upon.

Part of this striving for believability is making sure that the information that we are giving them is accurate, at least accurate enough as to be reliable and not be questioned by readers who may already be familiar with the poker site.  So this gets back to the remark about 888 being loose and juicy and this is exactly the sort of thing I am talking about.

We can convey the desirability of a poker site as far as being relatively soft while still portraying an accurate picture of the place, and 888 Poker is certainly soft in comparison with some poker rooms, particularly Poker Stars.  However it is not because the action there is so loose, you won’t find that sort of loose play anywhere other than the play money tables these days in fact.

Cultivating Relationships

So when I read something like this I wonder whether the reviewer has much of a clue at all about this poker room, and while I tend to know more about it than the average reader of this review, there will probably be enough readers who are familiar enough about it, from reading other reviews perhaps, that this might call into question the legitimacy of the review.

In any case, if we’re going to portray a poker room differently than the reality of it we require a very good reason to do so, and when players get there and see it’s not so loose, then this will at the very least affect our ability to persuade them into listening to us again, and that is very important.

This is particularly the case for a poker affiliate like Poker Listings, which does seek to be a reference for all things poker, and of course this carries over to providing poker advice as well.  I expect that they have at least a very high potential for repeat business, and they obviously work hard at getting people to return to their site.

So this should not ever be seen as a one time thing and if the information that you have provided them is accurate and reliable, then they will be much more likely to come back and take your advice again, as opposed to if they feel it wasn’t accurate, in which case this becomes far more likely.

So we need to be careful in what we are telling them, with a view not only to influence them this time but in subsequent reviews as well.  We want and need them to think that we are the go to resource for information on where the best places to play online poker are, and we will have to earn this respect and trust, and we will earn it by being as helpful and accurate as we can be while still remembering our ultimate goal of persuading them.


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